Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My New Book — Freemasons at Oak Island

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I've been studying the relationship between the legend (and possible treasure) on Oak Island for years — well before the History Channel got there.  I wrote a couple of magazine articles about it and then, sometime in 2013, I started giving a presentation* about it.  I've given it in everything from small Lodges to large auditoriums.  It has been well received and I keep getting invitations to give it at various events. 

I'm grateful for the attention it has gotten, but I'm also my own worst critic. I keep tweaking the thing but there is one big change I really have to make. It's too long.  There is too much material, too many connections and too much history, but it's all important for the overall understanding of the legend and its Masonic connections. 

My goal is to get the time down to 40 minutes (from an hour).  So I'm very carefully performing some major surgery on the presentation in an effort to get the time down while keeping as much material in it as possible.  There are, however, a few places I have to make some tough decisions and leave out some of the material.  It's just unavoidable since I'm trying to cut it by a third. 

While going through this process I have also gone back to my previous articles and notes, added to them significantly and put the entire story together in book form, with none of the history or pertinent information left out.

As books go, it's pretty small — about 60 pages.  This has a great advantage: a low price.  The Kindle version is 99 cents.  I hope to keep the paperback version very low also.  My goal is that when you're reading the book at Starbucks, the coffee will cost more than the book.  We'll see.

There are countless theories about Oak Island.  Anything you see will allude to Masonic involvement but most articles, books and shows don't go into it in depth or they just flat out get it wrong.  This small book lays out every connection to the Freemasons, including parallels to Scottish Rite and York Rite degrees that are uncanny.  As the book puts it, "For over two centuries a small patch of land on an obscure island has baffled treasure hunters and scientists alike.  Tantalizing clues indicate it may be the site of the world's greatest treasure, or it might be history's most elaborate hoax.  Speculation about who is responsible for its puzzling origin runs the gamut from pirates to space aliens; but when the facts are laid out the evidence on mysterious and enigmatic Oak Island points to one group... the Freemasons."  No other book that I know of has looked at this baffling place strictly from the viewpoint of the Freemasons.  If you are a member of the Fraternity or have any interest in Oak Island, it's worth a look.

Both the Kindle and paperback versions will be available by mid-June.  You can pre-order that expensive 99¢ kindle version at this site:

*If you are interested in having my presentation in your Lodge or other event, please contact me at


Robert Johnson said...

I am super excited for this!

BowtieMason said...

Sign me up for a paperback!

Jim said...

Fascinating! I can't wait to read it.