Monday, March 9, 2015

Lodge Operative 150

Chartered May 7, 1781, Lodge Operative 150 of Aberdeen, Scotland consisted only of Brothers who were or had been operative Masons.  For years, many of its members traveled to build stone structures worldwide, especially in the USA.  Although today the Lodge no longer consists exclusively of operative Masons, it honors its heritage. Each year it installs its incoming Master with an apron given to a traveling Brother coming back from the US in the early 20th century.  The apron bears the insignia of a US Master and is used to honor Lodge Operative's role in the "American trade."  The Brothers of the Lodge have left its legacy throughout the world.  According to its documentation, Lodge Brothers have played a significant role in erecting the following stone edifices: The Paris Opera House, the London Bridge, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the State Capital Building in Texas, the foundations and lower level of Freemasons Hall in Edinburgh, the Marischal College (the second largest granite building in the world) and many others.

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